Shirin Uma | The Private Jeweller

Shirin Uma was born and raised in London and is a graduate of the Gemological Institute of America, specialising in Diamond Grading. Inspired by her experiences in life and travels, she is heavily influenced by her love of city life and wildlife combined. She sees both wild animals and precious stones as being nature’s models.


Her style is fluid and eclectic, yet her exquisite creations always identify with exceptional craftsmanship, unsurpassed attention to detail and of course, the stunning and unique quality of the precious stones she individually selects for each piece. Shirin Uma's designs reflect the feeling she wishes the wearer to experience; confidence and strength, whilst remaining refined and elegant.

Versatility and vision set her apart. The ability to be avant-garde with her own collections; the Limité Collection has one of a kind, unique pieces, that will never be created again. 


Shirin Uma's ability to adapt, combined with her capacity to interpret what her clients have in mind, results in a deep understanding of both the sentiment and expectation when it comes to designing bespoke pieces and engagement rings. Naturally, she continues on the journey with her clients, making the wedding bands, push presents and anniversary gifts; she is the family jeweller.

Shirin Uma | The Private Jeweller