Commissioning bespoke fine jewellery is a very personal experience and over the years we have reflected on the different scenarios regarding clients gifting jewellery to a loved one. After some consideration, Shirin Uma has decided to offer a bespoke gifting service and we are pleased to introduce the Luxury Gift Certificate.


We have created a Luxury Gift Certificate where clients can select from the options below, and a beautifully presented printed card will be delivered to their loved ones on their behalf.


This gift will include a consultation with Shirin Uma, where you will discuss ideas either by phone or in person before the design process starts.

A Luxury Gift Certificate towards a unique piece of jewellery is the perfect way to guarantee your loved one will have something they truly treasure for many years to come.

Luxury Gift Certificates | Shirin Uma
Gift Certificate | Shirin Uma


• More than one Luxury Gift Certificate can be purchased for one beneficiary; a perfect solution for birthdays, wedding gifts, gifting lists, anniversaries, push presents and any other special occasion. It also includes the remodelling of engagement rings and sentimental fine jewellery.

• The recipient must contact us within 14 days to validate your Luxury Gift Certificate and arrange a date for their Design Consultation.

• The Luxury Gift Certificate must be used within 12 months from validation.

• Luxury Gift Certificates may not be exchanged for cash.

• The balance of the Luxury Gift Certificate can not be refunded but can be used towards future purchases.

• Extending the timeframe for the remaining balances to be used is at the company’s discretion and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

• The Luxury Gift Certificate must be redeemed on a new order.

• Once the form has been completed and submitted, the purchaser will receive a call to confirm any special requirements (e.g. any specific date to send the gift box). An invoice will be issued, and payment must be made via bank transfer.

• These terms will also be sent to the recipient. The recipient of the gift will not be contacted in any way until the purchaser has been contacted.



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